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2021 Tax Free Holiday in Tennessee!

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2021 Tax Free Holiday in Tennessee!

Tennessee has a tax free holiday every year to help people with their back-to-school shopping. Typically, tax exempt items have been limited to common student needs, like clothing and computers. However, this year the list has expanded to include our favorite back-to-school essential... 



Here's the nitty gritty details. 

Benjamin Franklin announcing from his $100 bill portrait the Tennessee Tax Free Holiday

From July 30 - August 5, all coffees will be tax exempt.
From July 30 - August 1, all clothing and coffee tasting journals will be tax exempt.

  • The tax is automatically removed from your purchase total at checkout. 
  • The exemption is on all qualifying purchases made within the holiday dates whether you make 1 purchase or 28.
  • If you purchase a coffee subscription*, your first payment will be tax exempt. All future payments will be taxed as usual. 
  • The exemption is only for customers purchasing from Tennessee for delivery to a Tennessee address. 


With a Tennessee state sales tax that's almost 10%, a tax free holiday can add up to significant savings. So grab that super soft hoodie you've had your eye on and enjoy a cup of decaf around your summer bonfire, with absolutely zero buyer's remorse. 

Lisa laughing while wearing a white Red Eye Bistro hoodie, holding a black Red Eye Bistro mug


If you have any questions about the Tax Free Holiday or our products, feel free to contact us at info@redeyebistro.com.




Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


*Coffee subscriptions are now available! You can have your favorite coffee delivered every week, two weeks, or month like clockwork. Never run out of coffee again! To subscribe, simply selected Coffee Subscription when you order any coffee. Then choose how often you want the coffee delivered. 

Not sure which coffee to choose? Give Bistro's Choice a whirl! You choose ground or whole bean, and we take care of the rest. 

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