Coffee for Your 2021 Camping Trips (or Glamping at Home): Happy Camper – Red Eye Bistro
Coffee for Your 2021 Camping Trips (or Glamping at Home): Happy Camper

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Coffee for Your 2021 Camping Trips (or Glamping at Home): Happy Camper

I have a confession to make. There's been a noticeable absence in our Red Eye Bistro inventory. The general rule when curating coffee for the shop is that it has to truly wow me to make the cut. The problem is that very few dark roasts are enjoyable for me, let alone "wowing." I often find them too bitter, burnt, or smoky tasting. However, many people love a dark roast for those exact flavor notes! So I've been on a hunt for some great dark roasts to offer you. Friends, we have a winner. 

Happy Camper by Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters

Say hello to Happy Camper from "the Broastery" in Cookeville, TN. Call it my segue into the fine world of dark roasted coffees. 


Happy Camper coffee from Red Eye Bistro

Roast level: medium-dark
Origin: Brazil and Colombia
Broast's notes: dark chocolate and toasted nuts
My notes: smoky caramel, dark chocolate, candied pecan, tangerine

(Note: all these flavors are natural to the beans and roasting process. No flavors are added. It's all in the coffee itself.) 


If you're looking for a darker roast that still pulls in the best parts of a medium roast - like those sweet, chocolaty flavors! - Happy Camper is a must try. It brews well as a drip coffee. Like most darker roasts, it is also very enjoyable as an espresso brew.

A quick comparison of these two brew methods: drip will give you a cleaner, thinner beverage, while an espresso will feel thicker and will have a layer of caramel-colored, foamy crema on top. Both are nice in their own regard. I am partial to black coffee, but you can always add your favorite creamer and sweeteners to your own taste preferences. Should this coffee be topped with toasted marshmallows? Possibly. I'm not saying, "no." You brew you.

Maybe it's the "Happy Camper" name, but I can't help but think how well this coffee would pair with s'mores, shared with friends around a bonfire. Give it a try and let me know how right I am in a comment below.  




Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


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