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Coffee for Your 2021 Summer Adventures

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Coffee for Your 2021 Summer Adventures

Summer 2021 has officially begun!

Here in Tennessee, Red Eye Bistro and our roasters are already feeling that summer heat. It's time for two of the refreshing joys of summertime to unite: iced coffee and adventurous travel!


Iced summer coffee from Red Eye Bistro


As you gallivant around your hometown, the country, or the world this summer, there are two ways to ensure you have great coffee along the way. The first is to patronize locally owned specialty coffee shops wherever you roam (we encourage you to always support small businesses). The second is to take your own coffee along and brew it your favorite ways as you travel. Turn it into a cool beverage by pouring it over ice or one of these recipes.

Feel like you don't know how to make good coffee? No shame here! We put together six simple steps to turn you into a coffee pro in no time. It's easier than you think!

Which coffee should you take along with you? We've got just the thing. 

Camino, roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters

Our newest featured roast comes from Colombia, by way of our friends at Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, Tennessee. Camino is both a single origin - the coffee comes from a single country rather than a combination of several - and a blend, in that it is made of three varietals all grown in the same region of Colombia. 


Camino coffee at Red Eye Bistro

What's it like? Sweet, savory, and smooth. Camino has initial notes like honey and caramel and a drier finish reminiscent of baker's chocolate. If you like the boldness and depth of a dark roast but also the cozy chocolaty nuttiness of a medium roast, you're going to love Camino. Here's more on this delicious coffee:

Roast level: medium-dark
Origin: Huila, Colombia
Varietals: Typica, Caturra, Castillo
Process: washed
Honest's notes: cinnamon, bergamot, plum
Red Eye Bistro's notes: black grape, milk chocolate, honey, macadamia nut


Colombian street with national flag. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel.


Even if a summer vacation to South America isn't on your agenda for the next few months, but you can still enjoy a taste of far away places through the coffees you choose. 




Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro

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