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Coffee Shopping Made Easy: Bistro's Choice

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Coffee Shopping Made Easy: Bistro's Choice

Why do you drink the coffee you drink every day? Is it because you know and trust the brand name? Did the bag design catch your eye? Was the aroma decadent? Maybe a friend recommended it. Or maybe you picked up a bag from a local roaster at your farmer's market to support a small business in your community. 

If you asked me this question 5 years ago, I would say, "it was on sale." Overly budget conscious with a mound of student loan debt and an unrefined palate for coffee, I'd buy any brand, roast level, or flavor that was on weekly special. When I finished one bag, I would get whatever was on sale at my grocery again. Admittedly, it was fun trying new coffees almost every time I shopped. Was it good coffee? Not so much. 

Fast forward to the early days of Red Eye Bistro. I knew I wanted to offer coffees exclusively from roasters in Tennessee, and I wanted those coffees to be exceptional. To date, I've sampled nearly 100 coffees from more than a dozen roasters across the state. That's a lot of coffee. Each roaster has their own little somethin' special (which I can't wait to share with you along the way). 

Where do you begin your journey into Tennessee roasted coffee?

If you already know you love a light roast Ethiopian coffee or a Latin American blend, hop into the search bar and have fun. But if you're more like 5-years-ago me, wanting to venture into better quality coffee but feeling overwhelmed by all the options, I've got a coffee shopping life hack for you:

 Bistro's Choice

Here's how simple this is: all you need to do is select whole bean or ground. If you do happen to know specifics of what you'd like, throw those in the notes at check out. Otherwise, Red Eye Bistro will choose one of our favorite roasts and send it to your door. It's a fun way to try something new without any stress. Coffee shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun. And delicious. 

If you aren't sure where to start brewing coffee at home, check out our simple guide here. You can make a tasty mug-full with things you likely already have in your kitchen. 

What's important to you when choosing a coffee? Let us know in the comments.


 Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro

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