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Cozy Micro Lot Coffee - The Perfect Way to Start Your Autumn!

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Cozy Micro Lot Coffee - The Perfect Way to Start Your Autumn!

It's a rainy start to autumn here, and I'm loving it. Sign me up for a day of good books, a jazz soundtrack, and a full mug of impeccably roasted, unique coffee! 

While it may not be a practical option for all of us to spend the day nurturing our inner bibliophile and blocking out the rest of the world, that coffee is well within reach. 

Introducing our newest limited edition coffee:

Olman Aguilera

Olman Aguilera coffee at Red Eye Bistro

What makes this coffee so special? I'm glad you asked. 

First, it's a micro lot. We won't get too deep into the technicalities here, but here are three things to remember about micro lot coffees.

  1. They are labeled as such because they are grown on a smaller plot of land than, say, your generic arabica-robusta blend from a big box retailer.
  2. Micro lot coffees tend to be higher quality and more meticulously cultivated than other coffees.
  3. Because a smaller harvest is produced, these coffees are, out of necessity, bypassed by larger coffee companies because there isn't enough of it for their mass-producing needs.

    This is very good news for us because that means we get exclusive access to high quality, unique coffees you can't find just anywhere. More very good news: the coffee is expertly roasted by a small, specialty roaster (like our friends at Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters) who highlight the inherent flavors of the coffee beans.


The second thing that makes this coffee special is the taste. Micro lots are almost always guaranteed to be different than your average run of the mill coffee. Sometimes different is just... different. It's not necessarily good. Olman Aguilera has a fabulous flavor. I enjoyed it from the first sip to the last drop. Here's what you can expect:

 Coffee and sliced oranges. Photo by Gaella Marcel.


It's a natural process of Catura and Catuai varietals, grown at 1450 meters above sea level. The name comes from the farmer who grew it, Olman Aguilera. 


The third reason this coffee is special is because we only have it around for a short time! The downside of micro lot coffees is that they are often very limited supply, and when they're gone they're gone for the season. We will have this one available until October 18, 2021, or while supplies last. 

How to Brew It

Man in floral shirt pouring coffee over ice in a clear glass. Photo by Wade Austin Ellis.

So far, I've been drinking Olman Aguilera as a hot, drip coffee and as an iced coffee. Hot, I get more of that spiced clove tingle. Cold, the fruity sweetness shines through. It also does well as a pour over and cold brew. How should you brew it? As always, you brew you!

Click here to order your bag of Olman Aguilera coffee today:



Comment below how you brewed this coffee and what you think of it!



Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro

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