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Death Before Decaf! - Not If We're Honest

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Death Before Decaf! - Not If We're Honest


Why is that a thing people say? It even appears as a logo on novelty coffee mugs. One reason is that, (stereo)typically, decaf just doesn't taste the same as regular, caffeinated coffee. It's missing something, and not just the caffeine.

You've heard me lament before about the difficulty in finding a good decaf coffee. If decafs aren't expertly processed and roasted, they lack robust flavors we typically associate with coffee. I couldn't do that to you, and neither could Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Their Colombia-Antigua blended roast is decaffeinated using EA Sugarcane processing. Of the 4 ways to make coffee decaf, this is one of my favorites because it allows the coffee to retain so much of its natural vibrancy. The result is, as one customer noted, "so tasty you would never guess it's decaf!"  

 Decaf Colombia by Honest Coffee Roasters

Decaf at Red Eye Bistro, roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters

Origin: Antigua & Colombia
Process: EA Sugarcane Decaffeination
Honest's tasting notes: sweet cherry, candied almond, hickory
Red Eye Bistro's tasting notes: 
macadamia, black cherry, nutmeg


I found this coffee to be richly complex and low in acidity with a pleasant finish. In addition to Honest's descriptors of sweet cherry, maple syrup, candied almond, and hickory, I also picked up the taste of black plum, black cherry, nutmeg, and tangerine. In other words, this is a very non-decaf kind of decaf when it comes to the taste and experience of drinking it. 

Lots of people have a reason to limit their daily caffeine consumption. Personally, I could happily drink coffee all throughout the day, but I know my body would not appreciate that constant caffeine intake. Having a high quality decaf coffee on hand means I can enjoy an afternoon iced latte or an espresso with dessert after dinner without being awake all night. 

Are you ready to try some Honest decaf? Click here to order yours today.





Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


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