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Single Origin Honduras Decaf

Single Origin Honduras Decaf

Around here, we are always on the hunt for amazing new coffees for you. This starts with finding roasters whose values and quality standards align with ours, located in the state of Tennessee, consistently providing delicious coffee. 

Occasionally, we look for something rare, like a limited edition microlot, or the ever-elusive, full-flavored decaf coffee. Due to the nature of some decaffeination processes, the resulting brews tend to lack depth and the flavors we associate with regular, "high-test" coffee. We are very picky about which decafs make it onto our virtual shelves and into your mug. Only the best will do. And so...

We are pleased to announce our newest decaf roast is now available!

 Decaf Honduras coffee at Red Eye Bistro

This one comes from our friends at Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, Tennessee. We - and you - have loved their coffee and their supply chain ethics for a long time. Their new decaf meets the standards we've come to expect from Honest. 

Like many Central and South American coffees, this coffee has chocolate-leaning flavor notes. Honest also lists citrus notes on the bag. What did I taste when sampling it? 

Coffee isn't a beverage. It's an experience.

 Pour over coffee. Photo by Yitzhak Rodriguez.

For me, it starts with the aroma. Our sense of taste is informed by our sense of smell. This one smells like pralines: almonds, vanilla, and sweetness. That's a good start. It passed my highly subjective First Sip Test - the first sip made me smile and say "Mmmmmm....". (I encourage you to do your own First Sip Test.) As you may have noticed, flavors develop and change as hot coffee cools. Progressively, as my mug cooled, I picked up notes of white chocolate bark, almond, clove, lemon zest, cumin, and dark berries. While you may not toss all those ingredients in your next baking project, I did find them to be very nice in a cup of coffee. 

Here are the full details on our new decaf:

Roast level: medium
Origin: Honduras
Elevation: 1400 MASL
Varietal: Catuai
Process: honey

Honest Coffee Roasters notes: citrus, chocolate
Red Eye Bistro's notes: sweet praline aroma, white chocolate bark, smooth, almond, clove, lemon zest, chili powder, cumin, dark berries


Remember there's no right or wrong to coffee tasting - or coffee drinking!

If you don't taste the same notes I or a roaster list as what the coffee is suppose to taste like, no worries! What matters is whether you like the coffee, so brew it and drink it the way you enjoy most! See what it tastes like to you. 


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Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro

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