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Good Beyond the Last Drop - Can Coffee Do That? (Spoiler: Yes, and Here's One That Does.)

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Good Beyond the Last Drop - Can Coffee Do That? (Spoiler: Yes, and Here's One That Does.)

 "Whoa, that's some good coffee!"

As first sip reactions go, it doesn't get much better than that. That's where my love for today's featured roast began, with a sip and a "Mmmm!"

Bunum Wo, from Honest Coffee Roasters

(Or should we call it, Bunum Whoa!) After that initial favorable impression, I kept drinking and savoring to sort out what it was that made this coffee so enjoyable. If you've dabbled in coffee tasting (or wine, chocolate, etc.), you may be familiar with the terms "linger" or "finish." Simply put, they are markers of how long the flavor lingers in your mouth after you gulp it down. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Bunum Wo is that it has one of the longest, pleasantly sweet finishes of any coffee I've ever tasted. Yum!


Bunum Wo coffee at Red Eye Bistro, roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, TN

If you just want to hang out in the "Mmmm! Tasty coffee!" level, go for it. You enjoy that mug of goodness. If you want to delve into what makes this roast the delight that it is, here are some details:

Roast level: medium
Origin: Wahgi Valley & Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea
Varietal: Peaberry
Process: washed
Honest's notes: mint, sweet tobacco, root beer, molasses
My notes: raisin, initially sweet & spicy, strong black tea with squeeze of lemon

Honest includes additional tasting notes of Earl Grey tea, bell pepper, and dark cherry. The combination of sweet, smooth, and a back-of-the-tongue spiciness with that lingering finish I mentioned made this one of my favorite coffees: 5 out of 5 stars. 

I like it hot and black. Honest recommends it as their choice for iced coffee. (Pro-tip: brew your hot coffee directly onto ice.) No matter how you drink it, Bunum Wo is sure to please.

Click here to order your own bag of Bunum Wo today, and drop a comment below about what you think of it! 



Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


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