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It Takes a Village, a Carnival, and Coffee

It Takes a Village, a Carnival, and Coffee

Any other year, and this week would see crowds filling the streets of New Orleans, jazz lilting through the air, and vibrant swaths of green and purple adoring everything from windows to parade floats.

But this isn't any other year.

In New Orleans and around the world, our streets are quieter. Our celebrations are less populated if they are held at all. And yet... the carnival spirit has continued, spreading the celebration in a new way. This year, even if we aren't milling about bustling Louisiana streets, we can all join in the festivities. 

Big Chief, by French Truck Coffee Roasters

French Truck Coffee Roasters in Memphis, Tennessee, hails from their parent company in Louisiana. Many of their roasts are themed off the culture that surrounds their roastery locations: Memphis Blues, the Mississippi Delta, and, of course, Mardi Gras. 

bag of Big Chief coffee, limited edition Mardi Gras blend from Red Eye Bistro

Roast level: medium
Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, and El Salvador
Process: natural

French Truck's notes: toffee, berry, orange liquor, dark chocolate
My notes: praline, blueberry, macadamia nut, juicy peach, smooth 

Besides the obvious reason of it being an enjoyable brew, we love Big Chief for what it does. French Truck has partnered with Son of Saint on this roast. Every bag sold means a dollar donation to the organization enriching the lives of fatherless young men in New Orleans.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and through every purchase of Big Chief, we each become part of that village. That's something we can all celebrate together

Big Chief is a limited edition roast, available only until March 14th.

Toss some purple beads around your neck, turn on some toe-tapping jazz, and brew up some Big Chief today! After all, it's carnival season, and we have things worth celebrating. 



Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


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