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It's Brazil Week 2021! - The Coffee Holiday You Need

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It's Brazil Week 2021! - The Coffee Holiday You Need

We hereby declare the last week of August 2021 to be BRAZIL WEEK!

That's not an official holiday.

We just made it up.

Because we can. 

Brazilian Coffee Facts:

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world!

Brazilian coffees are renowned for their naturally smooth, nutty, chocolaty flavors. 

The Brazilian coffee crop was hit this summer by untimely cold weather and frost. There was concern the crop was damaged and could yield lower quantity and quality than expected. One of the priorities of Red Eye Bistro is recognizing the human beings involved in the coffee industry, from mountainside to mug, and doing what we can to take good care of one another. One way we can support our coffee growing neighbors in Brazil is through buying the coffee they grow.

So we made our own holiday for it.

Here are the four single origin Brazil or Brazil blend coffees we currently have available:


Fazenda Bela Vista

Fazenda Bela Vista coffee. Origin: Brazil. Roasted in Tennessee.

Fazenda Bela Vista is a seasonal, limited edition coffee roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, Tennessee. It's a medium roast that's full-bodied, balanced, and smooth. 

Honest's notes: dark chocolate, peanut butter cup
Red Eye Bistro's notes: almond, brown sugar, mellow


Fazenda Bela Vista is available only until August 31, 2021. 


Common Sense

Common Sense coffee. Roasted by Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters. Sold by Red Eye Bistro.

Common Sense is a blend of beans from Brazil and Colombia roasted by Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters in Cookeville, Tennessee. It's a medium roast that highlights those smooth, chocolaty, nutty notes we love in a South American blend. 

Broast's notes: super smooth with rich nutty and chocolate notes
Red Eye Bistro's notes: sweet, chocolaty, good base medium roast

By "good base," I mean it's enjoyable black and would also do nicely with added creamers or sweeteners to your liking. Common Sense tastes like, well, a delicious cup of no nonsense coffee. And really, what better way to start out the day?


TriStar Trio

Tristar Trio coffee from Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters, available from Red Eye Bistro

TriStar Trio has become a customer favorite here at Red Eye Bistro. It's a light-medium roast with low acidity and bright citrus flavor. The beans in this blend are a mix from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Guatemala.

Broast's notes: Rich and smooth. Low in acidity and full-bodied.
Red Eye Bistro's notes: lemony initial flavor, mild spicy aftertaste

We love that TriStar Trio is the nod to Tennessee. The three stars on the bag are from the Tennessee state flag and represent the three regions of Tennessee: east, middle, and west. Three unique places coming together as one, just like the beans in this blend. 


Happy Camper

Happy Camper coffee at Red Eye Bistro

Happy Camper is one of our darkest roasts to date. If you enjoy smoky, toasty, robust flavors in coffee, this one is a must try for you. 

Broast's notes: dark chocolate and toasted nuts
Red Eye Bistro's notes: smoky caramel, dark chocolate, candied pecan, tangerine

Happy Camper is a blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans. Sipping this coffee conjures images of sitting around a campfire with friends, making s'more and enjoying life. It doesn't get much better than that!


Which of these coffees sounds best to you? All of them? Yeah, we can go with that. Since it IS Brazil Week, we are offering 20% off your entire order now through August 31st when you buy one of each of the Brazilian coffees above. Or 4 of 1. Or 2 of 2. You get the idea. Check out with 4 or more Brzillian coffees in your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. 

Click here to get started. 


Thanks for supporting good coffee and the good people who make it possible, from mountainside to mug. We appreciate you, friends. 




Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


P.S. We now have coffee subscriptions available! Coffee will show up at your doorstep every week, 2 weeks, or month without you having to remember to reorder or - worse! - running out of coffee! Start your subscription by choosing a coffee here. Select "coffee subscription,"  how often you want deliveries, and you're set!

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