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If You Could Drink a Hug, This Would Be It: Las Marias

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If You Could Drink a Hug, This Would Be It: Las Marias

After drinking coffee black for the last few years, I've been fascinated by how diverse the flavors of coffee can be apart from any added flavorants like creamers or syrups. I used to think all coffee just tasted like, well, coffee. The only variables were if it was burnt or weak. Who knew! 

Ok, lots of people knew. And now, you and I do too. 

Which brings us to today's caffeinated masterpiece...

Las Marias, Roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters

 Las Marias coffee, roasted by Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, TN, sold by Red Eye Bistro

I'm consistently impressed with the quality of coffees coming out of Honest Coffee Roasters in Franklin, Tennessee. Las Marias is no exception. Their results are the combination of expert, creative roasters and high quality beans. This is why we do what we do here at Red Eye Bistro. We want to introduce you to Tennessee roasted coffees you may have never discovered otherwise because they are too good not to share!

Guatemalan coffees often pull toward nutty, chocolaty flavors. This one has all that and more. 

Roast level: medium
Origin: Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Varietal: Caturra
Process: washed
Honest's notes: milk chocolate, tangerine, toasted pine nut
Red Eye Bistro's notes: cashew, creamy mouthfeel, bright citrus, dry finish with lingering flavor


Coffee producer in Guatemala. Photo by Julio Deras.

Las Marias is naturally sweet, reminiscent of caramel. There's also a touch of savory spiciness that reminds me of clove and holiday baking spices. 

Final verdict: I give it a solid 4.5 of 5 stars. This is a coffee I'd drink every day, either as a simple black drip brewed or fancied up with steamed milk and my favorite syrup. No matter how you brew and enjoy coffee, Las Marias is sure to be a winner. 

As with all of our roasts (except limited edition coffees), Las Marias is available as part of your coffee subscription or as an individual order. Click here to order yours today!






Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro


The title of this post was inspired by information Honest Coffee Roasters shared with us about Las Marias. "The farmer’s daughter explains this wonderful coffee as 'a hug on your tongue.'" If that's not a great descriptor for coffee, we don't know what is! 

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