Sign Me Up! - Announcing Coffee Subscriptions at Red Eye Bistro
Sign Me Up! - Announcing Coffee Subscriptions at Red Eye Bistro

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Sign Me Up! - Announcing Coffee Subscriptions at Red Eye Bistro

We know two things about the holidays this year: shipping times and costs are up, and supply chain constraints are happening worldwide. We've been exploring ways to bring you amazing coffee as always and make your holidays less stressful and more joyful. The solution...


A coffee subscription box from Red Eye Bistro, with 4 bags of coffee, a mug, a sticker, and a tasting journal


Coffee Subscription Boxes

After beta testing for a few months, our coffee subscriptions are now available!
Here's how it helps you:

1. Easy gifting. Who on your list loves coffee? With a subscription, you give them the gift of freshly roasted specialty coffee through the holidays and into 2022. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! 

2. Time to treat yo'self. You have enough going on without worrying about running out of coffee. Order a subscription for yourself and delicious, Tennessee-roasted coffee will magically arrive at your door like clockwork. 

3. Save money. Oh yeah, did we mention when you order a prepaid coffee subscription for yourself or a gift, you can get 5-15% off

How it works:

Example of coffee subscription options at Red Eye Bistro


  • Pick your coffee. Subscriptions are available for all Red Eye Bistro coffees except limited edition roasts. 

  • Whole bean or ground? Currently, all our coffees are available in your choice of either whole bean or medium grind. 
  • Select your subscription option. Prepaid is exactly like it sounds: you pay once for the entire subscription. This is a great choice for a gift. Pay-as-you-go means you will be automatically billed separately for each delivery. 
  • Choose how often you want coffee delivered: once a week, every two weeks, or every month. 
    Pro tip: consider how quickly you go through a bag of coffee. Set your delivery so you'll never run out. 
  • Tell us how many bags of coffee you want in each delivery. As few as one, or as many as... okay, there's no limit. We'll get you all the coffee you need. 
  • Add to cart. Finish filling your cart with anything else you fancy, then checkout as usual.
  • Check your email. If this is your first time ordering a subscription, you'll receive an email prompting you to create an account. That account will allow you to view your subscription details and make any changes you may need to along the way (like delivery dates or renewing an expiring subscription).


Delivery from Red Eye Bistro


You're set! You - or those lucky folks on your gift list - will get coffee in the mail soon! Start your subscription now by picking out a coffee here.

Got questions?

Let's knock out some FAQs.

Where do you ship to?
Red Eye Bistro ships to anywhere in the USA, including to military addresses.

Can you guarantee delivery by Christmas?
We suggest a few things to ensure your gifts arrive by Christmas.
First, order early. We don't have an order cut off date yet, but ordering by the end of November is an excellent idea.
Second, use the pre-selected Route shipping insurance for your order. Not only does it protect your packages against loss, theft, or damages, but Route's free app allows you to track your packages and easily report any problems.
Third, if what you're ordering is a Christmas gift, you can let us know in a note on your order. We'll do all we can to help it arrive on time. (You can do this other times of year as well if you want something to arrive in time for, say, a birthday.)

Where does this coffee come from? 
Red Eye Bistro is your place to discover specialty coffees curated from small roasters across Tennessee. These coffees are grown in various countries around the world, ethically sourced, and expertly roasted for you to enjoy.

How fresh is this coffee?
All Red Eye Bistro coffees are roasted to order. We keep exactly zero bags on coffee in stock. When you place an order, we send it to our roasters, and they roast it just for you. Even with shipping delays, orders typically arrive to our customers within two weeks of roasting. That's mighty fresh coffee!

Can I order other things with my coffee subscription?
Sure! Only coffees are available for subscriptions, but you could include a mug, hoodie, or anything else in your order and it would be included with the first delivery of your subscription. To cut down on shipping delays, items other than coffee might arrive in separate packages.

Do I have to create an account to subscribe?
No, but we strongly recommend it. Without creating an account, your subscription orders will still arrive, but you will not be able to see the details of your subscription or make any changes to it. 

Can I make changes to my subscription?
Generally, yes. You'll be able to change things like billing date and delivery frequency on pay-as-you-go subscriptions. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions can be cancelled from your account (we'll only cry a little); prepaid cannot be cancelled. If you need to make additional changes, check your account first. If you don't see the solution there, let us know and we'll see what we can do. 

Which coffee should I choose?
If you know a specific roast level, flavor profile, or origin you'd like, browse through our Coffee Collection and choose your favorite. If you're not sure what to get for someone else, go with one of our customer favorites or Bistro's Choice.


How much is shipping?
Shipping costs vary based on the weight of your order. The will show on the checkout page before you pay. We do our best to keep shipping costs reasonable for our customers, even as prices from carriers increase. If you are placing a large order (over 20 pounds) or need expedited shipping, contact us prior to ordering and we will explore the best rates for your individual needs. 


More questions? Email us at

No more questions? Great! Start your order now!


Wishing you a very joyous and relaxing holiday season! 



Amy, Founder of Red Eye Bistro

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