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All coffee naturally contains caffeine, which is why we see coffees labeled as "decaffeinated" rather than "uncaffeinated" or "caffeine free." So how is caffeine removed from coffee, and what effect does that have on the resulting beverage in our mugs? What kind of decaf is best?

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Specialty coffee costs more, or so we think. How much does it REALLY cost per cup of coffee? I did the math, and the actual cost will surprise you.

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Not happy with how your coffee tastes at home? The solution is easier than you think. Bye bye, funky! Hello, tasty!

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We hereby declare the last week of August 2021 to be BRAZIL WEEK! That's not an official holiday. We just made it up. Because we can.  Brazilian Coffee Facts: Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world! Brazilian coffees are renowned for their naturally smooth, nutty, chocolaty flavors.  The Brazilian coffee crop was hit this summer by untimely cold weather and frost. There was concern the crop was damaged and could yield lower quantity and quality than expected. One of the priorities of Red Eye Bistro is recognizing the human beings involved in the coffee industry, from mountainside to mug, and...

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When Colombian coffee exports plummet 52% in a single month, what does that mean for consumers? How can we help coffee producers during turbulent economic times?

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