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Tennessee Alchemy

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Tennessee Alchemy

Alchemists centuries ago experimented in rudimentary laboratories, attempting to synthesize gold by adjusting a combination of base metals. Discovering the elixir of immortality and a cure for all illnesses were also among their serious pursuits. Over time, alchemy gave way to the modern sciences like chemistry, now more based on observation than on deciphering magic. Except for quantum physics. That's about as close to magic as real science gets. 

Turning Coffee Into Gold

I think of coffee roasters as modern alchemists. They procure coffees from across the globe and expertly combine them into something golden. While it may not cure all illnesses or result in immortality, an expertly crafted cup of coffee does hold a certain power to make a day better and bring a measure of pleasure to our lives. 

Today's featured roast is one such fusion of multi-origin beans, sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. The recipe started in the early days of Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters, a blend suggested by one of their first customers. They gave it a try and found something, dare we say, magical. 

Tristar Trio, from Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters

Tristar Trio gets its name from both the three origins of the coffee beans used in the blend, and from the Tennessee state flag. East, Middle, and West Tennessee are represented by three white stars on a circle of blue centered on Tennessee's red flag. 

Tristar Trio coffee from Red Eye Bistro, roasted by Broast Tennessee Coffee Roasters

The South American beans bring a smooth, nutty richness that blends beautifully with the light fruitiness of the Ethiopian beans. 

Roast level: medium
Origin: Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia
Broast's notes: Rich and smooth. Low in acidity and full-bodied.
My notes: lemony initial flavor, mild spicy aftertaste

Broast's best-seller, Tristar Trio is also certified fair trade and organic. That means in addition to being tasty, it's also good for your heart. One of our customers marveled that this blended roast gave her a coffee shop quality home brew. That's the magic of specialty coffee from small roasters, or, shall we call them, alchemists. 

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